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How to improve the quality of domestic non-standard automation equipment?

In recent years, with the continuous increase in labor costs, more and more enterprises begin to focus on industrial automation equipment in the fields. Particularly non-standard automation equipment, unlike the traditional S & P as the production equipment is simple, but flexible tailored, easy operation and versatility to the industrial manufacturing industry has brought new development opportunities. China's non-standard automation equipment began to emerge, but the development process encountered many obstacles.
Non-standard automation equipment demand
In the past, China's booming manufacturing rely on a large number of cheap labor. However, time-shifted environment to move, with the recent new reduction in the labor force, improve people's living standards, labor is no longer cheap resources, a hard to find work has become increasingly common, in order to meet production needs, automated production gradually business owners are recognized importance. Non-standard equipment as an important part of automated production in 10 years has become increasingly popular, the market has emerged a large number of non-standard equipment manufacturers.
After the financial crisis in China, non-standard automation equipment will inevitably be more prosperous. Experts say: enterprise automation equipment increasing demand due to the different circumstances of each enterprise, non-standard automation needs to occupy a large part of the scale. Expenditures from the non-standard equipment of the machine can be pre-budget, non-standard automation market will grow rapidly, automation products continued to increase the use of depth. For example, in the injection molding industry, many injection molding companies according to their actual situation through a tailor-made suit non-standard automation solutions, and widely used industrial robots and robotic as to realize the "no chemical" and "no light of the workshop "production costs to maximize savings.
Non-standard automation equipment development status
Although non-standard equipment industry as a whole showed a clear upward trend, that is, non-standard equipment market is vast, and even some traditional industries will likely become the largest market potential. But a larger number of non-standard enterprises, small scale, backward technology, homogenization of competition is obvious defects, and the developed countries in this field and have at least 10 years gap. New non-standard automation equipment is often electromechanical integration equipment, make full use of the latest achievements in information technology. Some Chinese companies are not familiar with the product designers but then, can not or do not choose, greatly limits the improvement of the level, but also many of the core technology is not truly independent, relying on imported equipment cost is clearly difficult to decline. At present, high-end products such as industrial robots and servo motor is still mainly imported from abroad.
According to market logic, growing market space can improve the level of technology development and growth of enterprises enterprise scale businesses to provide good opportunities for development. But the objective situation is the opposite, non-standard equipment of domestic enterprises and not out of the vicious circle of low quality, remains in the simple imitation and did not develop their own special products, patented products, not accumulate more funds for development of enterprises. Currently a dozen small workshop production is still a non-mainstream form of standard equipment industry.
Although non-standard automation equipment industry as a whole showed a clear trend of non-standard automation equipment market is vast, and even some traditional industries will likely become the largest market potential, but with the growth of domestic similar number of enterprises, the domestic production of non-standard automation proportion is steadily improving!
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