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What is the status of non-standard automation industry?

Non-standard automation industry status quo
With the continuous increase in labor costs, more and more companies focus on factory automation in this area, but also to the industry has brought development opportunities. At the same time, how to improve the standard of service has become a non-standard automation machinery industry imperative. At present, China's non-standard automation mechanized large number of enterprises, but smaller-scale, backward technology, homogenization of competition is a common feature. How to compete in this industry has become a challenge.
Generally, current small and medium non-standard automated machinery enterprises are facing financial, human resources, marketing three major challenges, only these three well balanced, will it be possible to survive, but also have the opportunity to face the market opportunities that may arise. It must stop, hard skills, always uphold the credibility first, the customer first, quality first, the operating principle of good service to every customer. To provide customers from the program, processing and assembly to commissioning of integrated solutions. Products from the idea Modeling → → → programs showing processing → → → assembly and commissioning, to provide customers with a complete set of solutions.
Non-standard automation market environment
Industrial development, the demand for workers in all walks of life are greatly improved. In the production sector, labor-intensive enterprises wages is a lot of spending, and a sharp rise in costs. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, cheaper products to want to do, the only way to go is to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. Speed ​​manual is limited, no matter what a station, what kind of product, you can not exclude the possibility of relying on the machine to operate. The workers' wages only rise, not fall (as determined by the labor law), but had to pay on time every month, this fee as workers to extend working life increases.
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