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Non-standard automation equipment, how to assemble?

With the lack of human resources, non-standard automation machinery will continue to expand in the future market, the popularity of the appropriate talent in the industry will also have a big demand.
Design is the theory of knowledge, does not require the production of many beautiful and useful like, the purpose is simple, efficient, economical and practical. As a senior designer, the evaluation of mechanical solutions have superior ability to judge, to avoid taking a lot of detours. Saving development time and costs. A successful designer should be like a battle-hardened generals can do strategizing, newly developed equipment manufacturing process to control the well, to achieve the expected results.
Non-standard machinery, the assembly is also very important, is not a simple assembly, commissioning is completed, a qualified engineer assembling the device with at least a section of his mechanical assembly much better their life long, which requires not only combat experience assemblers of running track equipment components, and tolerances, material properties and so have a full understanding and application of, the key is to be careful, be good at discovering problems, and feedback to design, analyze and solve problems together. I understand the engineers have not assembled the elders say a generation of fitter, non-standard assembly fitter should also have a solid theoretical knowledge and rich experience in assembly and parts processing process tracking, quality control, it can be a good help engineers complete a success.
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