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Tell your thermostat automation Chenglin industry is how to classify it?

Floor heating system, central air conditioning and other equipment in the winter time can raise the indoor temperature, which gives our lives a great deal of comfort. However, the human body needs for temperature is different, this time need to adjust the thermostat on the indoor temperature. So, what the thermostat industry definition and classification is it?
Thermostat industry definition:
Thermostat (Thermostat), according to the temperature change of the working environment, physical deformations occur within the switch, resulting in some special effect, produce a series of automatic control element is turned on or off the action, also called temperature control switches, temperature protection , temperature controllers, referred to the thermostat.
Thermostat Industry Classification:
Sudden jump thermostat
Bimetal sudden jump thermostat is a bimetal after constant temperature as a heat sensitive components of the reaction heat when the product temperature generated by the primary member is transmitted to the bimetal disc reach operating temperature setting rapid action by the agency action is open or closed contact; when the temperature dropped to reset temperature setting, bimetal quickly reinstated, so that contact closure or disconnect, turn on or off to achieve the purpose of the circuit, thereby Control circuit.
Various sudden jump thermostat models collectively KSD, such as the common KSD301, KSD302, etc., is the thermostat bimetal thermostat new products, mainly as a variety of electric products with thermal protection, usually with heat fuses used in series, the sudden jump thermostat as a protection. Thermal fuse in the sudden jump thermostat Lou loss or failure causes a heating element overtemperature as secondary protection since, effectively prevent burn out the heating element and fires caused thereby.
Liquid up thermostat
It is to make the material thermostat temperature portion of the object to be controlled when the temperature changes (usually liquid) to produce the corresponding thermal expansion and contraction of the physical phenomena (volume change), together with the temperature-sensitive portion of the communication bellows produce expansion or contraction. To leverage to drive switching-off operation, to achieve the purpose of constant temperature liquid expansion type thermostat with temperature control accurate, reliable, open stop small temperature difference, temperature control large adjustment range, and large overload current performance characteristics. Liquid up thermostat is mainly used for household appliances, electric equipment, temperature control refrigeration industry and other occasions. More medical Thermostat latest industry-related information, please refer to the report of China Lobby "issued 2014-- China specialized medical industry thermostat Market Research Report 2018."
Pressure type thermostat
The thermostat through a closed internal temperature refrigerant charge and capillary temperature, the temperature was charged into a spatial variation of pressure or volume change, the temperature reaches the set value, by the elastic element and the fast instantaneous mechanism, automatically close contact, in order to achieve automatic control of the temperature. It sets the main body portion by the temperature sensing unit, temperature, perform the opening and closing of the micro switch or automatic damper composed of three parts. Pressure type thermostat is suitable for refrigeration appliances (such as refrigerators freezers, etc.) and heating and other occasions.
Electronic Thermostat
Electronic temperature controller (resistance) is a resistance temperature sensing method to measure the general use of platinum wire, copper, tungsten, etc., as well as a thermistor temperature resistance, the resistance of these has its advantages indeed point. Usually most of the use of household air thermistor. Electronic temperature controller with a stable, advantages of small size, are used in more and more areas.
Digital Thermostat
Digital electronic temperature controller is a precise temperature sensing controller, digital temperature quantization control. Thermostat generally use NTC thermistor or thermocouple sensor as a temperature sensing element, its principle is: NTC thermistor or thermocouple sensor to the appropriate design of the circuit, NTC thermistor or thermocouple sensor varies with temperature change, it It will produce a corresponding change in voltage and current, and then by the microcontroller to change the voltage and current detection, quantification show up and do the appropriate controls. Digital temperature controller with high accuracy, good sensitivity, intuitive, easy to operate.
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