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Chenglin automation equipment to introduce you to the basic information of non-standard automation equipment

Non-standard automation equipment classification is vague, and its main classification is divided according to customer industries, in general have the following elements:
1, non-standard belt line series;
2, non-standard speed chain series;
3, non-standard chain-line series;
4, non-standard drum line series;
5, non-standard drying line series;
6, non-standard assembly line series;
7, non-standard automated machine series.
8, non-standard production series VCM assembly machine
Non-standard automation equipment production:
Non-standard automation equipment production equipment production, unlike the S & P so simple, making the production of Pu-standard equipment, depending on the production process can be completed in accordance with the provisions. Instead of standard equipment need to be designed individually designed, non-standard equipment, depending on the use of premises, industry characteristics, and uses no specific reference model.
Non-standard automation equipment due to the breadth of its products, it also has extensive application. The main application sectors are:
1, the automobile manufacturing industry, auto parts manufacturing and installation;
2, the food industry and the production of transport packaging;
3, electrical and electronic production line product delivery;
4, the logistics industry, storage facilities are also widely used;
5, processing and manufacturing assembly industry applications.
Maintenance Standard
1, in accordance with the instructions for use equipment, to develop a reasonable maintenance quotas, improve maintenance level of technology;
2, check the temperature of the mass, pressure transmitter, electric control valve receiving cable is loose, shedding phenomenon;
3. Check whether there is moisture transfer temperature, water phenomenon;
4, check the calibration of electromagnetic flowmeters.
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