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Structure and classification briefly automatic assembly machine

Automatic assembly machine according to the applicability of the host can be divided into two categories: one is based on a specific product tailored private automatic assembly machine; the other is having a - given a flexible range of program-controlled automatic assembly machine.
First, private automatic assembly machine
Automatic assembly machine must have three functions, namely assembly, transmission and supply of spare parts. In particular transfer function, it is an important determinant of automatic assembly machine at all stages of production. To achieve a parts assembly, the holder or the base member to be down from a position transmitter intermittent stop position, called an operative position for each assembly station (assembly station), automatic assembly machine generally consists of one or more stations bits, each station design degree complicated structure to fit the overall performance of the machine as the basis, combined with the product, determine its content and quantity.
(1) multi-station automatic assembly machine
① fixed sequence job automatic assembly machine. Suitable for mass production of a single species of automatic assembly machines.
② the use of assembly robots for automatic assembly machine sequential operations. Assembly robot play with ordinary single-function tool assembly to act only in the same line of work, the robot is actually a programmable high-performance assembly tools. This automatic assembly machine supply means no replacement of parts, can not adapt to multi-species transformation. The role of the assembly robot by operating position programming, installation of the same species in different locations of parts, such as tightening the screws, which is similar to welding robots and painting robots, also can be programmed to control, to achieve different positions on a plane tray parts mounted to the base member in the same position.
(2) single-station automatic assembly machine
In the traditional single-station assembly machines, product assembly available for the following three parts. But the use of assembly robots can be assembled in many parts of the product in one place.
① independent automatic assembly machines, equipped with only one assembly robots, many parts can be assembled to complete all assembly operations in one place.
② assembly center, it is a fixed configuration of multiple assembly robot or with a quick-change tool mounting system that uses parts tray has a hopper action, sets to provide a lot of variety of machine parts to complete the assembly operations in one place.
③ having coordinate type robot assembly automatic assembly machine, it is the use of having the X-Y coordinate type robot, a simple interactive programming, key parts by pallet supply is - kind of a more flexible system, positioning accuracy up to 0.01mm. More automatic assembly machine accommodate assembly of a product, many facilities are rigid, not suitable for product replacement.
Second, flexible automatic assembly machine
In the automatic assembly technology, people are primarily concerned with flexible automatic assembly machine. Although flexible assembly techniques have been known to everyone, but in terms of speaking or not a clear definition. Indeed flexible depends on the person, programmability, the combination of rapid replacement of assembly tools and alternative stations, etc., and it was machine interface systems.
Flexible assembly system consists of the following components: assembly robot system, flexible material handling system, automatic parts feeding system, tool (finger) and automatic tool changer library, the visual system, the base member systems, control systems and computer management systems.
Flexible automatic assembly machine usually has two forms: one module modular flexible automatic assembly machine, the other is a robot assembly as the main programmable flexible automated assembly machine.
Automatic assembly machine according to the structure can be divided into three types:
(1) by means of a flexible assembly units or more robots in a fixed work station in accordance with procedures to complete all kinds of assembly work;
(2) Multi-station system consists of a flexible system synchronous transfer mechanism fixed or dedicated assembly line components, the use of computer control, programmable and selectable each station, which has a flexible;
Flexible automatic assembly machine the structure (3) by the modular structure required for assembly equipment (such as drilling, loading screws, screwing the screw mechanism), a combination of tools and control devices can be closed or placed guards Inside. For example, the combination of mechanism mounting screws are mounted in the housing by a robot in the feeding device, guide and control means composition, can be coupled with the transfer means. This modular multi-functional automatic assembly machines, generally have three or more assembly functions.
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