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Sudden jump precautions when using the thermostat should be noted

Sudden jump thermostat features:
With stable performance, high precision, small size, light weight, high reliability, long life, worry about the radio characteristics of small dry. Sudden jump thermostat when using should pay attention:
1, using a contact temperature installation should be closely aligns the charged surface of the metal lid of the appliance mounting surface to ensure that the temperature effect, should be coated with thermal grease or other similar performance thermal media in surface temperature.
2, the installation can not cover the top surface collapsed, loose or deformed, so as not to affect the performance.
3, can not allow the liquid to penetrate the internal temperature, not cause the shell cracks, not free to change the shape of the external terminals.
4, the product is not greater than 5A current in the circuit, should be selected cross-section 0.5-1㎜2 copper core wire connection; not more than 10A current in the circuit, should be selected cross-section 0.75-1.5㎜2 copper core wire connection.
5, the product should be less than 90% relative humidity, ambient temperature below 40 ℃ ventilated, clean, dry, non-corrosive gases stored in the warehouse. KSD301 is kick plastic as the main form of automatic reset.
Temperature control for household appliances, such as: electric open water bottles, electronic Xiaoduwangui, drinking fountains, electronic dryers, microwave ovens, electric heaters; or power machine, rectifier equipment, household electric appliances and other electrical appliances and a variety of operating temperature control and thermal protection element to use.
working principle:
Series of sudden jump thermostat is a small band shell bimetal thermostats, temperature relay device type belongs to. Use dish bimetal principle produce instant beating at a temperature of action, by the action of the mechanism and cause rapid action, to achieve the purpose of the circuit is turned on or off. Its operating temperature is fixed, no adjustment; action altogether reliable, small arc; long life; less radio interference.
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