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Learn sudden jump thermostat installation and use instructions

Sudden jump thermostat installation and usage instructions:
1, grounding: The thermostat metal cover is connected to the equipment grounding metal parts.
2, the thermostat should operate in relative humidity less than 90%, non-corrosive gas, flammable gas and conductive dust present in the general indoor environment.
3, temperature control using contact temperature, it should be charged against the closure of the heating appliance parts and should be coated with thermal grease or other similar performance thermal media cover the surface temperature.
4, temperature control by contact with liquid or vapor temperature, recommended the closure of stainless steel products, and should be reliable leak-proof measures to prevent liquid infiltration into the thermostat insulating member.
5, can not cover the top of the collapsed or deformed, so as not to affect the operating temperature changes or other properties.
6, can not allow the liquid to penetrate inside the thermostat! Housing must avoid excessive force to prevent cracks; the housing should be kept clean to prevent contamination of the conductive material, so as to avoid reducing the insulation breakdown and short circuit.
7, using the process can not bend terminals, otherwise it will affect the reliability of the electrical connection.
8, the power supply does not exceed the declared voltage, current, power and type of load in line with declared requirements, the ambient temperature must not exceed the maximum allowable temperature declared.
Precautions (KSD301 manual reset): at elevated temperature kicker when the temperature dropped 20 ℃ can reset the rear handle, and the force of 4 to 6 Newton appropriate, not too large. To ensure the thermostat to work, set aside to cover the end face of the handle to reset the temperature sensing surface vertical distance of not less than 20.4mm.
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