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The scope of application of automated production lines have?

Automatic production line of products should be large enough to yield; product design and process should be advanced, stable, reliable, and remains substantially constant over an extended period. Use in large, automated mass production lines to improve labor productivity, improve product quality and stability, improve working conditions, reduce production area, reduce production costs and shorten the production cycle to ensure balanced production, there are significant economic benefits.
Automated production line in the absence of intervention by the programs or instructions specified automatic operation or process control, and its goal is to "steady, accurate and fast." Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, commercial, medical, and other services and the family. Automatic production line not only the people from the heavy manual labor, some mental and poor and dangerous working conditions of liberation, but also to extend human organ function, greatly improve labor productivity, and enhance the ability of human beings to understand the world and transform the world .
Machinery manufacturing casting, forging, stamping, heat treatment, welding, machining and mechanical assembly automatic line, but also includes different types of processes, such as blank manufacturing, processing, assembly, testing and packaging of integrated automatic line.
Automatic cutting line of the fastest growing in the machinery manufacturing industry, the most widely used. Are: a combination of tools for automatic wire processing tank, housing, and other miscellaneous parts; used for machining shaft, disk type and other parts of the ring, by the general, specialized or dedicated automatic machine composed of automatic line; rotator processing automatic line; simple processing step for small parts automatic rotor lines.
1, first determine the tact time: no matter what products are manufactured in exactly the time it must be completed.
2, unit processes: only for one product, be receiving unit parts handling, assembly, processing and creative.
3, the pilot control: making a visual means, namely to understand the tact time.
4, U-shaped production line: the device arranged by project counterclockwise order, by a person responsible for export and import.
5, AB control: only when no product engineering, and engineering have a product before the situation before embarking on the project.
6, lights: to convey the product in abnormal production line process means.
7, after the project received: product line in response to the demand after the project.
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